Revolutionizing medical data collection with AO Global Data

Announcing the world’s largest orthopedic outcomes database

Starting today, AO Trauma members have an exclusive opportunity to contribute to—and benefit from—AO Global Data.

This new collaboration created by the AO and global patient outcomes collection leader OBERD is truly a one-of-a-kind platform, and AO members can receive discounts of up to 50 percent with subsidies for the first 1,000 to apply.

Already the world’s largest orthopedic outcomes database, containing over a billion data points, AO Global Data will be enriched with documentation and reporting for fracture care. In one location, users will be able to see outcomes correlated with information from the AO Surgery Reference.

This unparalleled tool helps users:

  • Compare their performance against international results
  • Determine indicators for patient improvement or poor outcomes 
  • Improve workflow
  • Conduct multinational research 
  • Deliver data driven marketing
  • Leverage data for reimbursement negotiations

The AO is focused on cultivating a multinational, depersonalized data repository for advanced reporting. 

AO Global Data’s vast range of features includes:

  • Real-time surgical documentation linked to AO Surgery Reference: all content is viewable in one location.

  • Advanced outcomes protocols: AO-recommended standardized forms with artificial-intelligence enhanced computer adaptive testing (CAT), potentially reducing patient completion time by 56 percent.

  • Advanced reporting: enabling deep analysis with custom reports that can be scheduled for automatic delivery.

  • Real-time staff alerts: providing the ability to intervene on adverse events, responding to patient needs.

  • Customized patient messaging: patient e-mails and text messages—with the user’s photo—to improve compliance.

  • Patient satisfaction surveys customized to the user’s practice: standardized instrument with ability to add user-specific questions.

  • Patient scorecards: simplified outcomes and satisfaction data to demonstrate individual patients’ improvements (benchmarked to comparable patient cohorts).

  • Practice management and electronic medical record interface options: All records in one location.

With a global digital transformation underway, AO Global Data transcends the traditional registries that have become a mainstay of organized medical data collection. It brings together advancements in computer science and the authority, leadership, and integrity of the AO to bridge different needs and outlooks of researchers and clinicians.

AO Trauma members from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America, will be the first to enjoy the many benefits of AO Global Data, the platform will be further rolled out globally later.

Unleash the power of AO Global Data by registering below.

"AO Global Data offers AO members a unique opportunity to benefit from valuable patient insights. Register now to be part of this innovative approach to improving patient care."

AO Foundation Board member and President-Elect, Florian Gebhard