Real reach, lasting impact

AO Strategy Fund: Five years of success stories

The AO AO Strategy Fund was launched in 2013, to initiate and oversee projects across five focus areas that enhance the AO's collaboration with numerous new and existing partners. These include: new services and technologies that address unmet needs; projects that enhance the organization's visibility and reach; ideas to foster cooperation within the AO; and initiatives to enhance the AOs operational efficiency.

Over this time, more than 20 multi-year AO Strategy Fund projects have been approved. 

Of those projects focused on patient care, the AO Mobility Toolkit, a groundbreaking electronic patient mobility monitoring system is already being used in large multicenter research trials. The AO's Smart Socks also have potential to help patients get back on their feet sooner.

In education, the Generic Asian Pelvic Bone Model has produced the world’s first evidence-based anatomical model of the Asian pelvis.

The Pro-C: AO Trauma Proficiency Curriculum project was also the first large-scale randomized trial of teaching methods in the AO, assessing trainees’ performance of practical tasks in fracture care and strengthening the AO's role as a global leader in medical education. 

The AO Strategy Fund also curated projects designed to reach out to where the needs are greatest. One of these, Play Safe with Sisimpur, involved the AO partnering with the AO Alliance Foundation and Sesame Workshop to focus on injury prevention in Bangladesh. It has reached more than 45,000 children―helping them play safe and stay safe.

AOSF supported work to raise awareness of the AO in key communities. The AO VET North America Marketing Initiative involved building a sustainable, long-term partnership focused on education with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. 

The Strengthening Preclinical Research project delivered Good Laboratory Practice certification for the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), close collaboration with a number of leading medical research organizations, and the development of a flock of specific pathogen free (SPF) sheep for preclinical studies—when completed this would be the first of its kind in Europe.

In knowledge-sharing, thanks to AO Strategy Fund support, the AO Surgery Reference-Pediatric Trauma, the world’s first comprehensive pediatric surgery reference tool, is now available. The AO Interact project delivered an interactive peer review and discussion video portal and a video channel offering comprehensive access to all AO teaching videos. 

The Limb Surgery in Disasters & Conflicts project produced the first edition of A Field Guide-Management of Limb Injuries, launched by the ICRC, the WHO, and the AO Foundation. In coming months, a second edition will be released in multiple languages.

The AO Strategy Fund is proud to have had the opportunity to complete projects in these diverse areas that have significant reach, real impact, and make a lasting contribution to both furthering the AO's mission and to honoring its history – ensuring the AO retains its position as the leader in its field.