Closed Fractures

  • Forearm and Wrist—Fractures and Sprains—Volar Slab Splint
  • Radius and Ulna—Fractures—Basic Forearm Circular Cast
  • Metacarpals—Neck and Shaft Fractures—Ulnar Gutter Splint
  • Phalanx—Proximal Fractures—Extension Block Splint (Burke Halter)
  • Forearm and Elbow—Fractures and Soft-tissue Injuries—Above Elbow Posterior Splint
  • Radius and Ulna—Fractures—Above Elbow Circular Cast
  • Humerus—Shaft Fractures—Modified Shoulder Splint
  • Metacarpal and Phalanx—Thumb Spica
  • Foot and Ankle—Fractures and Sprains—Lower Leg Backslab Splint
  • Foot and Ankle—Fractures and Sprains—Lower Leg Circular Cast
  • Tibia, Knee, and Femur— Fractures and Soft-tissue Injuries—Upper Leg Circular Cast
  • Mid- and Distal Tibia—Fractures—Upper Leg Circular Cast—Patella Tendon Bearing Cast
  • Toe Fractures—Foot Cast
  • Femur—Shaft Fractures—Thomas Splint
  • Femoral Fractures—Skeletal Traction

Open Fractures

  • Placement of Temporary Vascular Shunts


  • War surgery in DR Congo: A new splint for the wounded
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