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Simple and Complex Wounds (gunshot)—Left Thigh
Simple Through and Through Wound—Left Thigh
Right Lower Limb—Compartment Syndrome
Left Knee—Chronic Wound
Left Foot and Ankle—Crush Wound
Initial Wound Surgery Following a Blast Injury Causing Traumatic Trans-tibial Amputation


Closed Fractures


Forearm and Wrist—Fractures and Sprains—Volar Slab Splint
Radius and Ulna—Fractures—Basic Forearm Circular Cast
Metacarpals—Neck and Shaft Fractures—Ulnar Gutter Splint
Phalanx—Proximal Fractures—Extension Block Splint (Burke Halter)
Forearm and Elbow—Fractures and Soft-tissue Injuries—Above Elbow Posterior Splint
Radius and Ulna—Fractures—Above Elbow Circular Cast
Humerus—Shaft Fractures—Modified Shoulder Splint
Metacarpal and Phalanx—Thumb Spica
Foot and Ankle—Fractures and Sprains—Lower Leg Backslab Splint
Foot and Ankle—Fractures and Sprains—Lower Leg Circular Cast
Tibia, Knee, and Femur— Fractures and Soft-tissue Injuries—Upper Leg Circular Cast
Mid- and Distal Tibia—Fractures—Upper Leg Circular Cast—Patella Tendon Bearing Cast
Toe Fractures—Foot Cast
Femur—Shaft Fractures—Thomas Splint
Femoral Fractures—Skeletal Traction
Femur and Tibia–Articular Fracture–External Fixation with Bridging of Knee and Ankle without Fluoroscopy or Power Drill


Open Fractures


Placement of Temporary Vascular Shunts




War surgery in DR Congo: A new splint for the wounded