Equipment lists for limb injury management

ICRC ABCDE initial assessment

ICRC burns overview

ICRC Thromboprophylaxis Guideline

Management of femur fractures

Management of Dead Bodies after Disasters

Health Care in Danger - Meeting the Challenges

Staying Alive - Safety and Security Guidelines for Humanitarian Volunteers in Conflict Areas

Nutrition Manual for Humanitarian Action

HIV/AIDS Field Guide - A Planning and Practice Guide to Integrating HIV/AIDS into the ICRC’s Health Work

Summary Report - Afghanistan, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Haiti, Lebanon, Liberia and The Phillipines

The Geneva Conventions

Humanitarian action & armed conflict - Coping with stress

First Aid in Armed Conflicts and Other Situations of Violence

Health Care in Danger - The responsibilities of health-care personnel working in armed conflicts and other emergencies

Health Activities - Caring for People Affected by Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence

Rehabilitation in Sudden Onset Disasters. Handicap International

The Role of Physical Therapists in Disaster Management

Responding Internationally to Disasters: A dos and don’ts guide for rehabilitation professionals