Marking 30 years of the AO Center Davos

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of the AO Center in Davos. After residing for 25 years in the Villa Fontana, where also the first Davos Courses were held, the premises became too small to accommodate now more than 60 scientists. The Board of Trustees decided to build a new AO building which would house all existing AO institutions under one roof. A novelty in the history of the AO as its institutes have been scattered around Davos and Berne until then.

Along with the decision for a new AO building, the location of the building also created a topic of discussion. While some Trustees suggested to leave the AO in Davos, others argued to move the AO closer to universities and airports, others even wanted to relocate the AO to the US. In the end Davos determined the race. Most Trustees felt like the AO should stay an autonomous research hub and the beautiful surroundings of Davos would support unhindered thinking, working, and researching.

So, it was on a sunny Saturday in June 1992 that the AO Center Davos opened its doors to welcome participants to the eighth annual AO Board of Trustees meeting—the first meeting to take place on the new premises.