Xin1 functional extensions for photo-based X-ray transmission

ARI Exploratory Research
J Buschbaum, M Windolf


Achieving correct anatomical alignment plays a key role in many surgical interventions in traumatology and orthopedics, such as fracture reduction or corrective osteotomies. Missing both intraoperative feedback and monitoring capabilities of the anatomical relations complicate the surgeries and often result in poor outcomes in terms of skeletal malalignments. Current solutions for computer aided surgery could be helpful, however, lack of wider acceptance due to considerable disadvantages in terms of complexity, costs and effectiveness.




To develop a simple surgical measurement tool for intraoperative real-time feedback in order to improve precision and clinical outcome. 



A system prototype was realized, which includes functionalities to control correction osteotomies and reduction of femoral fractures. The system is based on previous tracking technology invented in ARI and requires only a mobile device with optical camera (e.g., smartphone) and 2 plastic reference markers. By placing the reference markers at specific anatomical regions, spatial relation of the latter can be determined and tracked. A software processes the video stream from the in-build camera, continuously calculating the position of the references and thus the anatomical relations. The actual values are displayed in real-time on the screen, so that the surgeon can easily monitor and act accordingly. The prototype has demonstrated its functionality in bench-mark tests showing that the system can deliver relevant information for intraoperative benefits to facilitate and improve surgical interventions.