Method for creating a statistical form model of the distal

ARI Exploratory Research
H Noser, B Gueorguiev, L Kamer


To develop a method for generation of a highly accurate 3D statistical model of the distal radius and a learning system to assess its osteoporosis status.



Using 60 high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT, 82µm image resolution) scans of the distal radius, a highly accurate 3D statistical cortical bone model of the latter has been successfully generated. In addition, an accurate learning system (accuracy 98.3%, AUC values > 0.96) has been developed and validated using 10-fold cross-validation. It allows to determine the osteoporosis status based on thickness data at given locations.

  • Partner
    Teunis T, (MD) University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands