Induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for spinal regeneration (iPSpine)

EU 2020


This multicentre project aims to develop and demonstrate the Proof-of-Concept for a novel induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based therapeutic strategy as a regenerative therapy. iPSpine is targeting a societal challenge affecting millions of people, i.e. low back pain caused by intervertebral disc degeneration. The iPSpine team will: 1) differentiate iPSCs towards notochordal-like cells which are specialised tissue specific progenitor cells with a critical role in rejuvenating the intervertebral disc; 2) develop smart biomaterials as a conductive microenvironment to prime iPSCs towards notochordal-like cells and instruct intervertebral disc regeneration, and 3) demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the iPSpine advanced therapy in clinically relevant pre-clinical models. 


EU H2020-SC1-BHC-2018-2020 RIA- Grant; ARI Funding EUR 491,250; Period: 2019-2023

  • Publication

    Frauchiger DA, Tekari A, May RD, Džafo E, Chan SC, Stoyanov J, Bertolo A, Zhang X, Guerrero J, Sakai D, Schol J, Grad S, Tryfonidou MA, Benneker LM, Gantenbein B. FACS is more potent to fish IVD progenitor cells than magnetic and bead-based methods. Tissue Eng Part C Methods 25(10):571-580, 2019.

  • Presentation

    Kluser N, Vernengo A, Jansen JU, Neidlinger-Wilke C, Wilke HJ, Li Z, Grad S. Papain-induced ex vivo model for intervertebral disc degeneration and the influence of daily physiological loading. 2020 GR forscht virtual (poster).

  • Partner

    Tryfonidou M (Prof), University of Utrecht, NL

    Creemers L (PhD), University Medical Centre Utrecht, NL

    Ito K (Prof), Technical University of Eindhoven, NL

    Guicheux J (Prof), University of Nantes, FR

    Pandit A (Prof), National University of Galway, IE

    Wilke H-J (Prof), University of Ulm, DE

    Gantenbein B (Prof), University of Bern, CH

    Jorgensen C (Prof), Institute National de la Sante, FR

    Templin M, Naturwissenschaftliches und medizinisches Institut, DE

    Le Maitre C (Prof), Sheffield Hallam University, UK

    Vadala G, University Campus Biomedico, Rom, IT

    De Boer M, Ntrans Technologies, NL

    Noel D, University of Montpellier, FR

    Isasi R, University of Miami, US

    Kienle A, Spineserv Gmbh, DE

    Chan D, The University of Hong Kong, HK

    Buljovcic Z, Pharmalex Gmbh, DE

    Lether I, National Reumafonds, NL

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