Induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for spinal regeneration


Notochordal cells (NCs) are a promising candidate for cell-based therapies for intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration. A multitude of in vitro studies in 2D monolayers and 3D hydrogels indicate beneficial molecular effects of NCs on resident IVD cells, like increased protection from apoptosis and stimulation of GAG production. In this work, we evaluated the therapeutic effects of NC-based therapy in an ex vivo bovine organ culture model of IVD degeneration. In this model, degeneration was induced enzymatically with injection of the enzyme collagenase. In previous studies, we showed that collagenase II induces significant losses in disc height, formation of a void at the site of injection, and degenerative shifts in gene expression by 7 days of dynamically loaded culture. Here, it was hypothesized that the injection of porcine-derived notochordal cells after 7 days of collagenase digestion would have regenerative effects on the bovine tissue by enhancing GAG content, upregulating anabolic gene expression, and mitigating IVD height loss.




Gross observations of collagenase-digested specimens at day 21 of culture revealed greater structural integrity for the collagenase-digested IVDs which received notochordal cells (+NC) compared to the untreated group (-NC, Figure A). The glycosaminoglycan (GAG) content in the inner annulus fibrosus (iAF) at day 21 was higher for the +NC group compared to the –NC group (p=0.04, Figure B). Mean loss of viability in the iAF and nucleus pulposus (NP region) was significantly greater at day 21 for the -NC group (67.6 ± 31.1%) versus +NC group (34.19 ± 19.9%, p=0.009, Figure C). 


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  • Presentation
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