Anti-inflammatory therapy for cartilage preservation (CartRegen)


Osteoarthritis (OA) is affecting a large proportion of the population and is associated with significant burden on patients and health care systems. Traumatic joint injury is a major risk factor for the development of OA. Early intervention after an acute injury may therefore prevent progressive joint deterioration. Cartilage defects occur frequently and predispose the joint to degradation and loss of function. To date no effective treatment is available to preserve cartilage function and joint homeostasis after damage. It is believed that the acute inflammatory response plays a major role in the progression towards the chronic painful condition. Early anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective treatment may halt or even reverse the deteriorating process. We found that small molecule compounds used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) showed significant anabolic and inflammation preventing effects on human osteoarthritic chondrocytes in vitro. 



The aim of this project is to evaluate the chondroprotective and anti-inflammatory activity of these compounds in an inflammatory cartilage explant model under bioreactor controlled mechanical load. Bovine explants and human chondrocytes and explants from osteoarthritic cartilage will be used for compound evaluation. The overall goal is to generate pre-clinical ex vivo data for the use of small molecule compounds for OA prevention and treatment. 

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