FacultyFocus AO Trauma

Mark Reilly

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the second 2022 edition of FacultyFocus, the newsletter featuring information specially selected for you as AO Trauma faculty.

In this edition, we invite you to learn about—and register for—AO In-Hospital, AO Trauma’s recently launched and newly renamed suite of high-quality, in-hospital training modules. Meeting the recurring obligation of providing in-hospital training and education for your surgical staff can be challenging, given your busy schedule. AO In-Hospital—available at no charge to you as AO Trauma faculty, is the stress-free way to organize high-quality, regular, in-hospital training events for junior orthopedic trauma surgeons, residents, and general trauma surgeons.

In addition, this issue of FacultyFocus brings features articles about the new AO Trauma Lower Extremity Curriculum and updates from the AO Trauma Pediatrics Education Taskforce.

Additionally in this issue, we bring you a video, “Online learning is here to stay: perspectives on online teaching and learning.”

Plus, we update you on the successful pilot of the AO Access Mentorship Program and the upcoming launch of the full program. To become a mentor or mentee, or to just keep up with new trends, start the AO Access Journey, a series of continuing medical education-accredited online modules—all part of the AO Access Journey: learning, leading, and leveraging your knowledge, so you can take a proactive role in growing together as a community.

Moreover, in this edition you will learn how the AO Alliance is advancing patient care in Ghana by exposing traditional bonesetters to appropriate nonoperative methods of fracture treatment, and you will have a chance to get up to speed on three articles published in peer-reviewed journals based on collaborations between AO Trauma, AO Spine, AO CMF, and AO VET surgeons and the AO Education Institute (AO EI).

You will also get all the details about the release of CaseFolio and how this myAO feature takes clinical data sharing to a new level. Last but not least, we bring you our regular 10 tips column—this time with tips for developing your learners’ motivation.

Enjoy reading this news-rich edition of FacultyFocus!

Best regards,

Mark Reilly

Chairperson, AO Trauma Education Commission