FacultyFocus AO Trauma

Mark Reilly

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the second 2023 edition of FacultyFocus, our newsletter bringing together a wealth of informational content selected just for you—our AO Trauma faculty.

In this edition, we are pleased to share with you how the self-directed AO PEER Online Course—Principles of Clinical Research can shorten your to-do list by helping your residents and staff fill gaps in their research skills.

Additionally, this FacultyFocus brings you details about recently published revisions to the adult trauma section of the award-winning AO Surgery Reference as well as its new pediatric module on distal tibial and fibular fractures.

I also invite you to explore in this edition a variety of news from across the AO, including articles on:

  • How the AO Education Institute (AO EI) is helping to sharpen online teaching skills with the new Training for Online Faculty (TOF)
  • The AO EI’s transformation to advance trusted learning programs for health care professionals through strategic planning, faculty development, and education research
  • How an open dialogue about perceived threats is key to overcoming resistance to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, including the AO’s own efforts through AO Access to make our organization more diverse and inclusive
  • The AO EI’s new online survey to evaluate the patient’s voice in education—and how you can participate
  • AO Sports’ innovative teaching technique which is helping the AO respond to the significant global need for unbiased education in sports medicine
  • myAO’s new Event Live Page and how it can help you prepare for your courses and engage with participants
  • How to feel comfortable in front of a camera and give professional online presentations—the AO EI’s “10 tips to enhance your camera presence”

I hope you will enjoy reading this information-packed edition of FacultyFocus.

Best regards,

Mark Reilly

Chairperson, AO Trauma Education Commission