Budget template

Use this budget template when you are working on your grant application or project proposal. This template was designed to setup a rough study budget. Please note that the items specified in this template are not complete and may be changed or amended according to your project.


  • To complete the template, please add your information only in the yellow fields, as the other fields contain formula, so your budget will be calculated based on the formula. 
  • In the tab Project salary (hours), edit the hourly rate first. Then enter the expected hours required to complete the tasks (see example). 
  • In the tab Project expenses, add the type of expense, the amount and the numbers of units, so the total expenses will be calculated (see example). 
  • The tab Budget summary will be filled in automatically based on the previously completed tabs. 
  • If you require more years, the template will have to be adapted accordingly. Alternatively, if no budget by years is needed, all hours and expenses may be added into the same year.