AO Access—driving the AO's diversity, inclusion, and mentorship programs

Why AO Access is needed

Using an evidence-based approach, AO Access and its initiatives are critical components of making the AO more diverse and inclusive.



Want to become a mentor or mentee? Come and explore what it means to be a mentor or mentee in the context of developmental mentoring based on nonclinical competencies with the AO Access Mentorship Program. Learn more...

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AO Access Journey

The latest research confirms that developing your nonclinical competencies not only positively benefits your patient care and outcomes; it also boosts your career and positively affects your personal life. Boost your career by engaging with the AO Access Journey. Learn more...

Voices for change

Become an advocate for change and, by sharing your story, help create a culture and climate where everyone feels welcome, safe, respected, and valued. Learn more....

Task force member recruitment

The success of AO Access is tied to engagement and self-nomination. We welcome your involvement. The second round of self-nomination remains open for future collaboration. To get started, please complete this short survey.

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AO Access to success podcast series

Broaden your perspectives for personal and professional development and explore dimensions of leadership with the AO Access podcast series. Listen here...

AO Access webinars

Our series of interactive webinars targets particular aspects of diversity, inclusion, and mentorship, with selected AO experts and invited speakers sharing their experiences and answering your questions. Watch here...

AO Video Hub

Find educational videos of AO experts discussing topics such as leadership, mentorship, allyship, and cultural change (AO log-in required). Watch here...

FacultyFocus articles

Stay up to date with all AO Access initiatives via articles in the FacultyFocus, published three times a year. Access them here...

Who we are

Meet the AO Access Steering Committee and the members of the AO Access Faculty and Leader Development Task Force, the AO Access Officer and Faculty Selection Processes Task Force, and the AO Access Mentorship Task Force.


The power of partnerships maximizes the impact of creating sustainable, systemic change for more inclusive and equitable institutions. We proudly present our partnerships; we invite you to find out more.


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