Nunzia Di Luise

Gender Equality Officer
AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos, Switzerland

MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and PhD in Biomaterials. Nunzia has over 6 years’ experience in project management as a Scientific Project Officer. She supports and advices on National and International project applications for the entire Institute, from the submission to the management and reporting. In 2022, she was appointed as Gender Equality Officer and she is currently coordinating the Institute's Gender Equality Plan. She is also responsible for research data management, having led the implementation of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook and of the Data Management Plan. Other activities include organising trainings and educational events, as well as providing workshops on science-related topics (research data management, gender equality, fundraising) to partner institutions as part of EU projects.

Institute's Gender Equality Plan