New from myAO: Engage with event participants on the Event Live Page


With the new myAO Event Live Page introduced in June 2023, it is easier than ever for AO faculty and course contributors to engage before and during educational events. Additionally, the Event Live Page facilitates direct interaction between faculty and participants.

The Event Live Page offers a single, secure platform for AO faculty and contributors to exchange in a private setting to prepare for courses and privately discuss course details before and during the event.

In addition to the private setting, the Event Live Page features a group setting, allowing faculty and contributors to share information and engage in discussions with event participants. Faculty can share preparatory reading material, event information, updates, and clinical cases, and solicit participants’ clinical cases for possible discussion during an event. The group setting represents an excellent opportunity for faculty to offer additional pre-course warm-up activities and advance the legendary AO spirit by bringing participants together in an informal setting where they can share ideas and build new relationships.

With the Event Live Page, faculty members have at their fingertips a single platform for event preparation and effectively communicating with one another and participants—without e-mail or text messaging. The information exchanged is stored in one place and faculty and participants are automatically invited to join the page as soon as they have confirmed their attendance to the event.

The Event Live Page group setting takes course engagement to the next level by providing a single, easy-to-access venue for faculty and participants to share information and cases. All information and discussion shared on the Event Live Page is available on myAO twelve months before a course—and for 24 months after the course. Moreover, myAO secure chat makes it possible for faculty and participants to interact both privately and in the group setting.

Additional resources and guidelines are available on your Faculty Lounge/Center.

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