AO Trauma competency-based curricula expanded and updated

AO Trauma continues to expand and update its competency-based curricula with two major updates and one new curriculum in 2022. AO Trauma's portfolio now features nine competency-based curricula with almost complete coverage of anatomical areas and subspecialties.

All curricula are being developed by education taskforces consisting of content experts, educationalists, and target learners applying latest curriculum development concepts to help chairpersons and faculty to deliver high-quality education around the world.


Updates and upcoming new curriculum

The curriculum frameworks for hand and wrist as well as pelvic and acetabular fracture management have been updated, and templates and teaching material have been added to the faculty center. Both curricula feature multiple predefined course types for different experience levels and offer chairpersons and faculty a framework and resources to help them design events that address learner needs based on a set of defined competencies.

Hand and wrist curriculum

  • AO Trauma Course—Introduction to Internal Fixation of Hand and Wrist Fractures
  • AO Trauma Course—Management of Hand and Wrist Fractures
  • AO Trauma Masters Course—Management of Hand and Wrist Fractures

Pelvic and acetabulum curriculum

  • AO Trauma Course—Pelvic and Acetabular Fracture Management
  • AO Trauma Course—Pelvic Fracture Management
  • AO Trauma Course—Acetabular Fracture Management

For more details, and an overview of the experts involved, please check out the pages for hand and wrist and pelvis and acetabulum.

A new lower extremity trauma curriculum covering nine modules from hip to ankle will be released in 2022 including pilot events.


Resources for event chairpersons and faculty

All chairpersons and faculty involved in AO Trauma subspecialty and masters courses are encouraged to implement the available curricula and consult the resources in the faculty support packages for their topic area for program planning and teaching preparation.

Course programs applying the curriculum frameworks, addressing all competencies, and fulfilling the defined criteria are eligible for the AO Competency-Based Curriculum visual mark.

If you have questions and or want to provide feedback on the curricula, please contact Barbara Niederee.

 AO Trauma competency-based curricula
  • Residents curriculum:
    • AO Trauma Course—Basic Principles of Fracture Management
    • AO Trauma Course—Advanced Principles of Fracture Management
  • Orthogeriatrics curriculum
  • Pediatrics curriculum
  • Foot and ankle curriculum
  • Upper extremity curriculum
  • Periprosthetic fractures curriculum
  • Hand and wrist curriculum
  • Pelvis and acetabulum curriculum
  • Lower extremity curriculum (as of the fourth quarter of 2022)