Hand and wrist

Hand and wrist injuries constitute a substantial part of all treated injuries. AO Trauma's hand and wrist education taskforce has defined competencies relevant to your practice needs and is working on a comprehensive curriculum.

Hand and wrist education taskforce

The hand and wrist education taskforce is a group of experts who build and continuously improve our educational program. It consists of three international program editors (IPEs).
Ahmend Syed Kamran

Ahmed Syed Kamran (PK)

Term: 2021–2023

B Inese

Inese Breide (LV)

Term: 2022–2024

Jay Bridgeman

Jay Bridgeman (USA)

Term: 2023–2025

Regional Program Contributors (RPCs)

Asia Pacific
Richard Page (Australia)
Gregory Bain (Australia)

Europe and Southern Africa
Tomo Havliček (Slovenia)
Yngvar Krukhaug (Norway)

Middle East and Northern Africa
Ashraf Muharram (Egypt)
Mostafa Mahmoud (Egypt)

Latin America
Antonio Carlos da Costa (Brazil)
Antonio Neder (Brazil)

North America
Amit Gupta (USA)
Kevin Malone (USA)

AO Curriculum Development Manager:

Sandipan Chatterjee

Past taskforce members

  • Past IPEs
    Sudhir Warrier (India), 2017–2022
    Terry Axelrod (Canada), 2019–2021
    Fiesky Nuñez (Venezuela), 2012–2020
    Renato Fricker (Switzerland), 2012–2018
    Jesse Jupiter (USA), 2012–2016
  • Past RPCs
    Alvin Chen (Taiwan)
    Johan Scheer (Sweden)
    Alawadi Khalid (UAE)
    Jorge Boretto (Argentina)
    Charles Cassidy (USA)
    Ahmed Syed Kamran (Pakistan)
    Aida Garcia (Colombia)
    Husam Basheer (Kuwait)

Program description

Curriculum hand+wrist

AO Trauma Course—Introduction to Internal Fixation of Hand and Wrist Fractures aims to create a learning environment where the principles and techniques of internal fixation of hand and wrist injuries can be understood, applied, and demonstrated appropriately to improve the quality of outcomes.

The AO Trauma Course—Management of Hand and Wrist Fractures is designed as an interactive and discursive arena in which participants will be able to understand, discriminate, and consolidate the principles, skills, and techniques applicable to the use of internal fixation in the hand and wrist.

The Masters course addresses the latest techniques and best practices in operative fracture management to deal with

Events defined in the curriculum

AO Trauma Course—Introduction to Internal Fixation of Hand and Wrist Fractures (0.5 day)
AO Trauma Course—Management of Hand and Wrist Fractures (2.5-3 days)
AO Trauma Masters Course—Management of Hand and Wrist Fractures (2.5-3 days)

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Manual of Fracture Management—Wrist

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New teaching videos

A new series of AO Trauma Hand and Wrist practical exercises teach the techniques and principles of hand surgery using the new Variable Angle (VA) Modular Hand System for best practices in hand fracture fixation.


  1. Perform pre-treatment assessment including physical examination, patient history including comorbidities
  2. Order and interpret imaging, classify skeletal and soft-tissue injury
  3. Decide on appropriate treatment based on skillset and available resources
  4. Apply the necessary soft-tissue repair techniques
  5. Correct any skeletal deformity and apply appropriate internal or external stabilization using the instruments and tools correctly
  6. Evaluate and address unexpected outcomes
  7. Develop and implement a rehabilitation and follow-up plan

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To address feedback or questions to this education taskforce, email the Curriculum Development Manager Sandipan Chatterjee.