Call for applications: AO Trauma Asia Pacific Education Committee Chairperson

We are pleased to announce the call for applications for the position of: Chairperson of the AO Trauma AP Education Committee.

We encourage all AO Trauma members who fulfil the eligibility criteria to apply for this important position. As the AO Trauma AP Education Committee Chairperson, a member of the AO Trauma AP Board and AO Trauma Education Commission (AO TEC), you will be able to actively shape the future success of the AO Trauma Asia Pacific region.

Terms of office

The term of the current AO Trauma AP Education Committee Chairperson Jong-Keon Oh (South Korea) will end on June 30, 2024 (one re-election possible).

Based on the AO TAP Terms of Reference, the term of the Chairperson will be as follow:

  • July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2027: three (3) years term

* The change of office always takes place after the Assembly of Trustees. The administrative cutoff date is end of June.


To be considered for nomination by the AO Trauma Nomination Committee (NomCom), candidates must be paying AO Trauma members, and fulfil the following criteria:

  • Experience as an AO Trauma officer on a national, regional, or international level
  • Active orthopedic trauma surgeon
  • Strong reputation as an educator, motivated to contribute to AO education

In addition, candidates must fulfil the requirements specified in the job description.

Electorate and Voting Mechanism

Based on the AO TAP Terms of Reference, the following voting mechanism applies:


  • Current AO TAP Regional Board member who is not running for this election has one vote each, current AO TAP Board Chairperson has the casting vote if required
  • One vote per AO TAP Councils (13 councils), the administrative control of the vote is allocated to each Council Chairperson. If the Council Chairperson runs for the election, the Education Officer of that council acquired the administrative control of the vote

The electorate will be informed by email. The votes will be cast anonymously through the electronic voting tool

Nomination and electoral process:

  • All interested and qualified candidates must submit their application by October 15, 2023 midnight (Hong Kong time) via the online application system here
  • The Nomination Committee (NomCom) will review all applications and approve the eligible candidates by October 20, 2023
  • The election will run from October 23 to November 5, 2023 

Voting mechanism:

  • Simple majority by anonymous e-Voting. >50% of casted votes
  • If none of the candidates reaches the necessary majority in the first round, a second round with the top two candidates is run
  • The NomCom will then ratify the election process, inform the candidates of the election outcome

AO Trauma invites eligible candidates to apply

If you fulfil the requirements provided in the job description, please use our submission tool to follow the submission process:

Thank you for your interest and support.

Yours sincerely,

AO TAP Nomination Committee
Takeshi Sawaguchi (Chairperson AO TAP)
Mandeep Dhillon (Chairperson-Elect AO TAP)
Chang-Wug Oh (Past Chairperson AO TAP)