AO Milestones

The future of trauma surgery education just got more interesting

Introducing AO Milestones.

In a world where learning is increasingly happening on-the go, AO Trauma's competency-based training and assessment programs will certify orthopaedic residents and practicing surgeons in key areas of surgery.

AO Milestones is a collection of educational offerings which are consistently developed, updated and launched sequentially. AO Milestones supports residency program directors, residents and practicing surgeons by providing tailored digital curricula offering adaptive learning modules, skills training courses, as well as assessments.

Fundamentals of Osteosynthesis and Hip adaptive learning program now available for orthopedic residents globally.

Residency program package available in North America only.


AO Milestones: The next generation of trauma surgery education


Your pathway to surgical proficiency

The AO Milestones surgical training programs are designed to address the significant need for validated competency assessments in surgery. It provides residents and practicing surgeons with exposure to cases and skills practice opportunities that fit their preferences as they progress through learning objectives at an optimal pace while receiving coaching from experts—supporting residency program directors and residents on the milestones to surgical proficiency!

AO Milestones is a range of educational offerings providing medical residents a personalized learning and training experience based on their level of knowledge. The online platform uses a baseline assessment to create individualized learning interactions for each learner, so they can master the medical knowledge they need and apply it to real-world situations. Additional training courses offer surgical skill training and assessment simulations, labs and digital tools to help learners learn and practice the skills they need to be successful in their careers.

  1. Individualized learning experience
  2. Baseline assessment to create individualized learning interactions
  3. Master medical knowledge and apply it to real-world situations
  4. Performance measuring training stations and labs providing skills practice and assessment opportunities

Tailored Learning:

Adaptive modules that respond in real-time to your individual learning needs for maximum efficiency.

Insightful Analytics:

Continuous, multifaceted assessments provide deep insights for tailored coaching and skill development.

Realistic Practice:

Realistic simulations offer real-life scenarios with immediate feedback, enhancing your surgical skills.

Certification Readiness:

Rigorous assessment based on EPAs ensure you are fully prepared for clinical excellence.


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