AO Trauma Research Olympiad 2022 (AO TRO)

AO Trauma Research Olympiad

AO Trauma launches a new research event open to all regions. The new AO Trauma Research Olympiad will be held in December 2022 in Davos, Switzerland.

The objectives of the event are to:

  • Signify the importance of research within the AO Trauma community
  • Enhance a culture of clinical and basic science research among AO Trauma members
  • Further strengthen the bonds of the AO Trauma regions
  • Establish a spirit of competitiveness, respect, and respect for the rules governing research across the AO Trauma regions and among AO Trauma members
  • Give AO Trauma members the opportunity to present and to compete at a global level
  • Promote the AO spirit of innovation and development of new concepts

Each AO Trauma region will select two candidates, who will be invited to Davos to present their research projects in the competition in December. AO Trauma is seeking members who are interested in participating in this research project competition.

Candidates will present their research projects in front of a jury of five judges (one from each region). Jury members are selected by the AO Trauma Research Commission. The chairperson of the AO Trauma Research Olympiad is Peter Giannoudis, Leeds, United Kingdom.

The program for the event will include:

Winners of the competition will receive gold, silver, and bronze medals as well as certificates. The costs of flights and three nights of lodging in Davos will be covered by AO Trauma.

The selection criteria for the candidates and their projects are:

  • Applicants must be 40 years old or younger.
  • Projects must be original clinical/basic science research that has not yet published or previously presented or published within the last 6 months at the time of application.

While there is no specific restriction on the area of research, projects should address topics that are relevant to clinical practice.

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