Take advantage

E-mail is one of the best working marketing tools and the core of any strong event marketing strategy. Its cost effectiveness and ability to reach the right people at the right time is unrivaled by any other marketing channel.

Always remember:

An appealing, clean, easy-to-read e-mail with an eye-catching subject line makes the difference between the e-mail being read, skimmed, or deleted immediately. There are many ways to Rome; however, when your e-mail is not relevant to your audiences, it will be trashed immediately—and even worse, you might lose the prospect.

A good e-mail

A good e-mail first attracts the recipients’ interest by addressing their needs. It then makes clear how they will find solutions at the event and, finally, it directly invites them to register. Whatever the incentive is, make it clear and enticing and promote it with a meaningful call to action. Download the tips for subject lines and copy below. 

E-mail circle of an event:

  1. Save-the-date e-mail right after setting the date (early-bird announcement for members, newsletter subscriber, etc)
  2. Official announcement/invitation with preview to program, course chairs, etc
  3. Reminder e-mail (eg, for end of early-bird period)
  4. Emergency/last-minute marketing: Create urgency (eg, last seats available)
  5. Available pre-event information, link to event app for participants
  6. Recap e-mails with feedback survey, presentations, photo gallery, links to follow- up courses
  7. Targeted suggestions for follow-up courses


Consider the necessity of each e-mail you send: Your subscribers trust that you won’t spam them. 

AO Trauma e-mail publication process

To send an AO Trauma e-blast via the AO's mass e-mailing program Pardot, please follow this publication process and fill in the template which you can download below. For any questions, please contact us.


AO Pardot preflight checklist

E-blast template and publishing process

Tips for subject lines and copy

E-mail best practice examples

E-mail guidelines in the AO brand portal (login needed)