AO Access mentoring

Advance your personal and professional development.

Welcome to the AO Access Journey

If you have been following the latest research, you know that developing your nonclinical competencies not only positively benefits your patient care and outcomes; it also boosts your career and positively affects your personal life.

The AO Access Journey consists of four pathways. All modules of all the four pathways are continuing medical education-accredited modules, and you will receive certificates of attendance (per module) and completion (per pathway).

Want to become a mentor or mentee?

Mark your calendars and get ready to start your AO Access Journey with the enhanced AO Access Mentoring Program on March 1, 2024.


The AO Access Mentor and Mentee Pathways are your door to gain access to the AO Access Mentorship Program.

Come and explore what it means to be a mentor or mentee in the context of developmental mentoring based on nonclinical competencies.

After successfully completing all required modules and mandatory learning activities, you will be given access to the mentorship platform, where you will be matched with your mentor/mentee, based on self-identified gaps of defined nonclinical competencies to further your personal and professional development.

Learn more about the importance of developing nonclinical competencies and the AO Access Mentorship Program pilot.

AO Access - Mentor pathway

Mentor Pathway

Discover the benefits of being a mentor; reflect on your role and responsibility as mentor, while acquiring insights on how best to support your mentee and their needs. As a mentor, empowering your mentee to resolve current issues, developing coping strategies for the future, and recognizing boundaries to guide and foster personal and professional growth. Acknowledging your mentee’s strengths, talents, and gifts, and encouraging them to find ways to use them will be a challenging and rewarding process.

AO Access - Mentee pathway

Mentee Pathway

Reflect on your role as a mentee and learn how to drive the relationship with your mentor leading your own growth process. Proactively participate in the process, learn how to set goals, manage your expectations, and lead the way in this bi-directional mentoring relationship.

Want to engage in growing your knowledge beyond clinical competencies to further your career?


Collaborative and Communal Learning Pathway

Take part and experience self-directed, social, and contextual, learning across clinical specialties and regions. Inspire and support AO's global community to collaboratively reach new heights in terms of excellence and fulfill personal and professional goals.

Are you an AO Access Liaison or a Community Development Commission member?


Liaisons and Community Development Commission Members Pathway

Explore what it means to be driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within your clinical specialty. Act as ambassadors engaging the community to positively influence your community, faculty, nomination committees, and beyond, focusing on practical and systemic aspects.

Limited access, available as of 2023 (open to AO Access Liaisons and Community Development Commission members only).