Clinical Science

As part of the AO ITC, together with Clinical Operations, we are the AO's clinical research provider. Clinical evidence generated through AO clinical studies can be accessed in the form of journal articles, presentations at scientific meetings, final study reports, guidelines, classifications, and/or news on the AO website. AO ITC Clinical Science Advisory Commission (CSAC) provides strategic advice for clinical evidence generation.

Who we are

Together with Clinical Operations, we are a team of about 30 clinical research specialists (project managers, medical advisers, medical statisticians, data mangers, clinical research associates, study assistance, image research associates, medical writers and quality and regulatory managers) we produce clinical evidence that is highly relevant to current trauma and orthopedics practices for better patient care.

What we do

We provide medical and scientific support for AO clinical studies and conduct health economics projects in collaboration with a network of renowned health economics experts.


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AO Innovation Translation Center - Clinical Science

Clinical Science Advisory Commission

The Clinical Science Advisory Commission (CSAC) provides strategic advice for AO ITC in its clinical evidence generation and is an important body for innovation at AO ITC. The members of CSAC includes experts from the clinical division of Trauma, CMF, and Spine.

Osama Farouk

Osama Farouk, MD
(Trauma Representative)
Prof of Orthopedic Surgery and
Chief of Orthopedic Trauma Unit,
Assiut University Hospitals, Egypt

Risto Kontio
Prof Risto Kontio, MD, DDS, PhD
(CMF Representative)
Prof and Chair of Department of
Oral and MaxFac Surgery, Helsinki
University Hospital, Finland
Michael Fehlings
Prof Michael G Fehlings, PhD, MD, FACS, FRCSC (Chair and Neuro Representative)
Prof of Neurosurgery at University
of Toronto, Canada
Philip Louie
Philip Louie, MD (Spine
Spine Surgeon, Department of
Neurosurgery, Virginia Mason
Medical Center, Seattle, USA
Chief Operating Officer and
Co-Founder of STREAMD

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Clinical Evidence

AO ITC clinical research to global standards (ISO 14155 and ICH GCP), drawing on in-house medical and scientific expertise.

Innovation translation

Innovation translation at the AO involves developing disruptive technologies to address unmet clinical needs.

Completed Studies

We transform ideas into clinical study protocols. AO clinical studies are divided into 5 phases: idea, planning, monitoring, analysis, and publication.

Clinical evidence: Central to the AO's history

In 1959, Maurice E Müller, a founding member of the AO Foundation, created the AO Documentation Center to share experience and validate the AO methods. In 1967, the AO Documentation Center was formally registered in Bern, Switzerland, as a foundation for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and evaluation of fracture handling/osteosyntheses.

In 1995, the AO Documentation Center was registered in Canton Graubünden and renamed AO Documentation and Publishing Foundation. Today, this is an essential part of the AO Innovation Translation Center.