AO In-Hospital events earn enthusiastic feedback

AO In-Hospital

Enthusiastic feedback from both faculty and participants prove that AO In-Hospital modules are high-value assets for AO Trauma faculty members, providing them with a stress-free way to organize educational events for surgical staff at their workplace.

Less than a year since AO In-Hospital’s official launch, the topical surgical training modules continue to pick up steam—and participants. Since its June 2022 launch, AO In-Hospital has facilitated 66 successful events.

Designed exclusively to help AO Trauma faculty meet the recurring obligation of providing education for surgical staff, AO In-Hospital comprises a library of relevant high-quality modules. These free assets are easily accessible online through the dashboard to efficiently organize in-hospital training events for junior trauma surgeons, residents, and general trauma surgeons.

Currently, event packages for four modules are available in the dashboard:

  • Acute compartment syndrome
  • Polytrauma
  • Management of open fractures
  • Best practices in geriatric hip fractures 

Everything in one place

The content, format, and ease of use have already earned enthusiastic feedback from faculty and participants—and faculty are already returning to organize future AO In-Hospital events. The dashboard provides everything for conveniently organizing educational events in-hospital, from registration and participant management and pre- and post-event assessments to issuing certificates of attendance.

Get started by visiting our website or the AO In-Hospital dashboard. For further information, reach out to