AO In-Hospital debuts new ‘Management of elbow fractures in children’ module

AO In-Hospital

AO Trauma is thrilled to announce the launch of AO In-Hospital’s first pediatric module on “Management of elbow fractures in children”.

Since its launch in 2022, AO In-Hospital provides AO faculty with trusted, high-quality modules that enable the delivery of educational workplace events to surgical staff. In 2023, AO Faculty conducted 76 AO In-hospital workplace events in 26 countries. This is a substantial 33% increase in events compared to 2022. 78% of faculty hosted two or more AO In-Hospital events.

Managing a frequent injury

The new module deals with elbow fractures in children, which is a frequent injury that can lead to several complications. These common lesions in the pediatric population are challenging to recognize and to properly treat. The new module offers significant insights on how to manage these lesions indicating the best option for each fracture to avoid complications.

The authors Jamil Soni, Weverley Valenza, and Heloisa Faggion, developed a comprehensive module to serve the whole AO community. It is designed to provide key insights and guidance for orthopedic trauma surgeons, pediatric orthopedic trauma surgeons, pediatric orthopedic fellows, and residents. “Creating this module was a great experience, demonstrating how good teamwork can promote self-education and stimulate our passion for pediatric orthopedics. Weverley and Heloisa did a tremendous job. Without them, it would have been impossible to develop this content,” Soni commented. “The editors Kodi Kojima and Wa’el Taha encouraged us in this mission. Kodi personally inspired me to create the first AO In-Hospital pediatric module; it can help many residents and fellows around the world”, he added.

Jamil Soni

Weverley Valenza

Heloisa Faggion

Learning objectives

At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Explain factors involved in the decision-making to treat supracondylar fractures
  • Describe major aspects after radial neck fractures
  • Outline the systematic approach for the lateral condylar fracture
  • Understand and decide when to advocate surgical treatment of medial epicondylar fracture
  • Clarify how to manage other elbow fractures, such as trochlear and olecranon fractures and Monteggia lesions

Highly relevant content and resources

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The “Management of elbow fractures in children” module adds to AO In-Hospital’s range of modules including:

  • "Acute compartment syndrome,”
  • “Polytrauma ,”
  • “Management of open fractures,”
  • “Best practices in geriatric hip fractures,”
  • “Management of fracture-related infection,” and
  • “Limb salvage versus amputation.”

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