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Primal 3D anatomy

AO Trauma acknowledges the importance of continuous education and accessible resources. Whether you're an experienced surgeon or a trainee, AO Trauma members benefit from free access to Primal Pictures’ 3D Human Anatomy Software through Anatomy.tv.

The platform features interactive 3D models that enable users to explore the human anatomy from various perspectives. Offering detailed explanations and insights, expert-led videos cover essential anatomical areas such as the head and neck, vertebral column, thorax, upper limb, abdomen, pelvis and perineum, and lower limb.

This immersive experience enhances spatial awareness and deepens understanding, making it an invaluable resource for surgeons and trainees.

In addition to videos and interactive models, the platform offers a new functionality from the recently added Primal’s Anatomy Learning Outcomes for Medicine. This includes 156 learning outcomes necessary in medical education, curated in partnership with the Anatomical Society. It both reinforces learning and allows users to gauge their knowledge and track their progress. By actively engaging with the content, members can solidify their understanding of anatomical concepts.

AO Trauma members can conveniently navigate to the 3D Human Anatomy Software link on their AO Trauma dashboard, gaining instant access to this invaluable educational tool.

With expert-led videos, interactive 3D models, and assessments, this platform equips surgeons and trainees with the tools they need to refresh their knowledge in human anatomy. By offering such a powerful educational resource, AO Trauma demonstrates its commitment to the professional development of its members.

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