Bringing you the latest innovations from across the AO Innovation Translation Center, the 2021 edition of the Innovations magazine is now available online!

In pursuit of enhanced patient care worldwide, The AO Technical Commission (AO TC) in collaboration with DePuy Synthes has developed and approved 12 new products across the AO TC specialties. Variable Angle locking technology is very much the theme in this year's Trauma section with articles on VA PatellaVA ClavicleVA Distal Fibula and VA Periprosthetic Proximal Femur. With additional updates on MAXFRAME, the FIBULINK Syndesmosis Repair System and new Monobloc Reamers, it is easy to see how busy the TC Trauma groups have been this year.

Additional content provides insight into the creation of a new Smart Digital Solutions Task Force (SDSTF) and newly formed Clinical Science Advisory Commission (CSAC) as well as an overview of activities across Technology Transfer, the AO Research Institute and AO Education Institute.

Access the AO ITC Innovations magazine here.

“I am convinced that the new Variable Angle Locking Patella Plating System will over time replace tension band wiring in the treatment of patella fractures. The novel plating solution addresses problems like soft tissue irritation and loss of reduction which we have frequently observed for tension band wiring. With the new plates I have all options in my hand to reliable fix simple and complex fractures.”

Christoph Sommer – Chair of the Lower Extremity Global Expert Committee

“The new VA-LCP Clavicle Plate System comprises novel plate designs to match the wide spectrum of adult clavicle dimensions. It is optimized for fracture fixation in all adult patient groups and has the potential to reduce the need for implant removal due to plate prominence.”

Simon Lambert – Chair of the Upper Extremity Global Expert Committee