Call for applications: Chairperson AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (ESA) Research

On behalf of the AO Trauma Europe and Southern African Board (AO TESA), we are pleased to announce the call for applications for the election of the new AO Trauma Regional Research Chairperson.

We encourage all AO Trauma members who fulfill the eligibility criteria to apply for this important position. As the AO Trauma Regional Research Chairperson, you will be able to actively shape the future success of the AO Trauma European and Southern Africa region.

The term of the current AO Trauma Regional Research Chairperson Peter Giannoudis (United Kingdom) will end on June 30, 2023 (one re-election possible).

Based on the AO TESA Terms of Reference, the term of the Chairperson will be as follows:

  • July 1, 2023–June 30, 2026*: three (3) years term as AO Trauma Regional Research Chairperson

* The change of office of the Regional Research Chairperson always takes place after the Assembly of Trustees. The administrative cutoff date is end of June.


To be considered for nomination by the AO Trauma Nomination Committee (NomCom), candidates must be paying AO Trauma members, and fulfill the following criteria:

  • Experience as an AO Trauma officer on a national, regional, or international level
  • Active orthopedic trauma surgeon or regionally recognized researcher

In addition, candidates must fulfill the requirements specified in the job description.

Electorate and voting mechanism

Based on the AO TESA Terms of Reference, the following voting mechanism applies:

Electorate: AO TESA Country Council chairpersons (in case a Country Council Chairperson runs for election, he/she is excluded from the entire voting process and the voting right is passed to the Country Council Education Officer)

Number of votes per country (as determined at the AO TESA Country General Assembly in March 2011, Munich, Germany):

  • Any country that has at least one paying AOTrauma member gets one (1) vote.
  • Any country that has an AO Trauma Country Chapter (at least 25 paying AO Trauma members) gets one (1) additional vote (total of 2 votes).
  • Thereafter, for every additional hundred (100) members, the country receives one (1) additional vote up to a maximum of five (5) votes per country.
  • The vote(s) will be given to the Country Council chairpersons. Consultation with the Country Council and Country Chapter members is highly recommended.
  • The number of members per country is being defined as the average end- of-the month totals over the last six (6) months before the voting starts.

Nomination and electoral process

  • All interested and qualified candidates must submit their application by noon CET, December 18 here
  • The Nomination Committee (NomCom) will review all applications and approve the eligible candidates by December 21
  • The election will run from January 30 to February 19, 2023

Voting mechanism

  • Simple majority by anonymous e-Voting. >50% of casted votes
  • If none of the candidates reaches the necessary majority in the first round, a second round with the top two candidates is run.
  • The NomCom will then ratify the election process, inform the candidates of the election outcome, and announce the result on the AO Trauma website.

AO Trauma invites eligible candidates to apply

If you fulfill the requirements provided in the job description, please use our submission tool to follow the submission process:

AO TESA Nomination Committee
Reto Babst, Nir Cohen, Anze Kristan