AO Surgery Reference: distal humerus revision published

Now featuring state-of-the-art techniques and implants, the module was revised and expanded by Harry Hoyen (United States) and Joideep Phadnis (United Kingdom) together with Simon Lambert (United Kingdom) in his dual role as editor and author.

The module now contains:

  • Patient assessment (new)
  • Detailed patient preparation
  • Approaches with wound closure and olecranon fixation options
  • Further reading on complications and neurovascular considerations (new)
  • Plating techniques with state-of-the-art implants

The revision has been supplemented with indications and a step-by-step description of elbow arthroplasty (hemi and total). A chapter on vascularization gives insight into the blood supply to the epicondylar region.

Work in progress

As part of its continuing efforts to improve and expand the content, the AO Surgery Reference team is currently working on the production of:

  • The pediatric distal tibia module
  • The third periprosthetic module covering the shoulder

The following adult trauma modules are under revision:

  • Proximal femur
  • Hand modules
  • Foot modules

Improved navigation

As suggested by our users, the following improvements have been introduced to the AOSR user interface:

  • Step 5 (Treatment) in the navigation bar
  • Reduced header
  • Shortcuts to all approaches, all patient preparations, and all further reading

Vascularization around the elbow

Fixation options of olecranon osteotomy

Total elbow arthroplasty with repair of the collateral ligaments

Parallel plate fixation of an oblique extraarticular distal humerus fracture