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Discover AO Trauma educational programs and acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to deliver high-quality care for orthopedic cases in an interactive, peer-to-peer learning environment. AO Trauma is renowned for its highest-quality education, always staying on top of new developments in education.

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Become an AO Trauma Faculty

Share your knowledge with the next generation of surgeons. Become a certified AO Trauma Faculty and access specialized teaching training that gives you all the skills and tools you need set a better example for your residents.

Other ways to get involved

Join myAO groups

If you are a veterinary surgeon interested in continuous learning and connecting with likeminded peers, you can now join the free myAO discussion groups relevant to your field. Experienced surgeons and AO Trauma faculty are welcome to become a group moderator and highlight their expertise in one of the group discussions.

Contribute to the AO Trauma Blog

Showcase your work, expertise, and knowledge, and increase your visibility, credibility, and professional connections—all while helping others learn and grow by contributing to the AO Trauma Guest Blog. Writing a blog post represents an excellent way to demonstrate your unique perspectives and thought leadership.

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