AO Trauma Course—Foot and Ankle Trauma and Reconstruction

Foot pain affects increasing numbers of people in our communities and has a significant impact on quality of life. AO Trauma’s foot and ankle curriculum offers a wide range of competency-based activities and resources that support your educational needs.

The Masters-level course is aimed at traumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons and other surgeons actively engaged in the treatment of foot and ankle fractures, who want to increase their level of specialization in lower limb treatment

Why you should choose this course

Top national, regional, and international faculty

2-4 days in duration

For surgeons who already treat foot and ankle trauma and reconstruction

Network with colleagues from all over the world

CME credits

Course content

  • Course modules
    • Module 1: Ankle trauma
    • Module 2: Hindfoot trauma  
    • Module 3: Minimally invasive osteosynthesis *
    • Module 4 : Midfoot trauma  
    • Module 5: Forefoot trauma  
    • Module 6: Soft-tissue trauma  
    • Module 7: Ankle arthritis  
    • Module 8: Hindfoot arthritis  
    • Module 9: Acquired flatfoot deformity  
    • Module 10: Cavus  
    • Module 11: Tendon transfers/neuromuscular
    • Module 12: Charcot *
    • Module 13: Midfoot reconstruction *  
    • Module 14: The great toe *
    • Recon Module 15: The lesser toes *
    • Sports Module 16: Sports injuries *
    • Special Module 17: Anatomical specimen workshops full day

    *Only in selected courses. Check your chosen date and location for the full program.

  • Practical exercises
    • Pilon Fracture
    • Calcaneal fracture
    • Lisfranc fractures
    • Ankle fusion anterior
    • Ankle fusion transfibular
    • Ankle fusion with SCOPE for anatomical specimen workshop
    • Subtalar bone block arthrodesis (reorientating distraction fusion)
    • Hindfoot Arthrodesis Nail
    • Calcaneal tuberosity
    • Midfoot fusion bolt*
    • 1st MTPJ fusion*
    • Scarf osteotomy*
    • Lapidus*

    *Only in selected courses. Check your chosen date and location for the full program.

Course details may be subject to change. Please check your chosen date and location for the detailed program.

Target audience

  • Foot and ankle specialists early in their careers
  • Generalists (orthopedics) spending about 20 percent of their time on trauma (including community surgeons)
  • Foot and ankle experts
  • Trauma surgeons

Course impressions


The curriculum is based upon 8 competencies:

  •  Perform adequate clinical evaluation and workup
  • Recognize the potential for higher complication rates in patients with comorbidities, and plan appropriately
  • Apply appropriate timing and staging in the treatment of fractures and dislocations, including polytrauma
  • Recognize the indications and goals for reconstruction and perform procedures or refer, subject to expertise
  • Select and perform appropriate surgical procedures, including handling of soft tissue
  • Apply the principles of internal fixation and bone healing, including minimally invasive surgery
  • Educate the patient regarding rehabilitation and prescribe an appropriate program
  • Recognize and manage early and late complications

What does competency-based curriculum development mean?

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Manual of Fracture Management—Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle education task force

The foot and ankle education taskforce is a group of experts who build and continuously improve our educational program. It consists of three international program editors (IPEs).

Lori Reed (US)

Term: 2022–2027

Igors Terjajevs (LV)

Term: 2023–2025

Alexandre Godoy-Santos (BR)

Term: 2024–2026


See a full list of all regional program contributors and past international program editors.

“This curriculum redesign promotes interactive learning and offers a robust and flexible framework to build education that improves health care delivery. I'm sure it will equip our surgeon learners with better tools for improving their patients' outcomes.”

Stefan Rammelt (DE), former member of the foot and ankle education taskforce

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