Call for applications: AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (AO TESA) Community Development Chairperson

On behalf of the AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa Board (AO TESA) we are pleased to announce the call for applications for the election of the new AO TESA Community Development Chairperson.

We encourage all AO Trauma members who fulfill the eligibility criteria to apply for this important position. The term of the current AO TESA Community Development Chairperson Nir Cohen (Israel) will end on June 30, 2024 (one re-election possible).

Based on the AO TESA Terms of Reference, the term of the new Chairperson will be as follows:

  • July 1, 2024*–June 30, 2027: three-year term as AO TESA Community Development Chairperson

* The change of office of the Community Development Chairperson always takes place after the Assembly of Trustees. The administrative cutoff date is the end of June. 

Applications must be submitted through the online application system by Friday, November 10, 2023.


To be considered for nomination by the AO Trauma Nomination Committee (NomCom), candidates must be paying AO Trauma members, and fulfill the following criteria:

  • An AO Trauma paying member. If you are not yet a member, join here.
  • Current or past member of any AO Trauma global commission, or current or past member of any AO Trauma regional board, or exceptional candidates selected and nominated by the NomCom.
  • An active, practicing trauma and/or orthopedic surgeon, with demonstrated knowledge and experience in trauma, ideally holding a leadership position at a university or academic institution.
  • A recognized member or officer on key national, regional, or international trauma associations.
  • Does not hold other governance positions in AO Trauma. If elected from within the same governance body and keen to assume the position, they will be required to resign from the prior position as soon as the term as the new chairperson-elect begins.
  • Ready to prepare, attend, and actively participate in various governance meetings (AO Trauma and AO Foundation).
  • Highly motivated to develop and manage interpersonal connections across professional specialties and to continue to build up AO Trauma as the world leading trauma body.
  • A good and clear communicator, a good listener, and a facilitator.
  • Prepared to volunteer up to 2–3 days per month away from their clinical practice, as well as to be reasonably accessible at their clinical practice.
  • Prepared to volunteer up to 1 day per month for meeting preparation, correspondence by email or telephone.
  • Able to work in multicultural teams and environments.
  • Willing to travel internationally.
  • Have a good command of English (written and spoken).
  • Any other global languages are advantageous.
  • Have experience in working with committees/boards.



Based on The Terms of Reference and the decision of the AO TESA Board from June 2017, the number of votes per country are defined as follows:

  • One member: one vote per country (one to 24)
  • From 25 to 49 members: an additional vote is obtained (step of 25)
  • From 50 to 99 members: an additional vote is obtained (step of 50)
  • From 100 to 174 members: an additional vote is obtained (step of 75). For each additional 75 members, an additional vote is obtained, up to 999 members
  • From 1,000–1,499 members: An additional vote is obtained (step of 500). For each additional 500 members, an additional vote is obtained.

There is no cap on the total number of votes per country. In case a country council chairperson runs for election themselves, the voting right is passed to the country council education officer.

The vote(s) will be given to the country council chairpersons. Consultation with the council and country chapter members is recommended. The electorate will be informed by e-mail. The votes will be cast anonymously on the AO Trauma website. The number of members per country is defined as the average of the end-of-the-month totals of the last six months.

Voting Mechanism

All candidates must submit their application (online form, photo, disclosure statement form, confirmation form of the Code of Ethics and Conduct) in the application system by Friday, November 10, 2023.

Applications will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee, and the election will run from Monday, November 13, 2023, until Sunday, November 26, 2023. The successful candidate will be the candidate holding more than 50% of the votes.

The electoral process will then be ratified by the Nomination Committee, candidates informed of the outcome and the result will be announced. There will be a hand-over meeting from the current to the new council. The term of office will start on July 1, 2024.

AO Trauma invites eligible candidates to apply

If you fulfill the requirements provided in the job description, please use our submission tool to follow the submission process. 

AO TESA Nomination Committee
Marco Berlusconi, An Sermon, Anže Kristan