Name AO Trauma’s newly launched educational offering and win a trip to the AO Davos Courses 2022

AO Grand Rounds

After two years in the development and pilot phases, AO Trauma today officially launches its new education offering under the working name, AO Grand Rounds. To kick off the launch of this innovative product answering the demand for in-hospital training, AO Trauma has initiated a community product naming contest: AO Trauma community members are invited to provide a product name with broader, global appeal.

The multistage contest will include several winners and vouchers redeemable for regional AO Trauma courses as rewards for each stage and will conclude with a grand final prize: a fully paid trip for the winner to attend the course of his/her choice at the AO Davos Courses 2022.

What is AO Grand Rounds?

Responding to hospitals' need to provide regular education to their surgical departments, the AO over the past two years has developed and piloted the innovative AO Grand Rounds, comprising free-of-charge, module-based content, available exclusively for AO Trauma faculty to deliver at their own hospitals. At launch, four modules are included: acute compartment syndrome, polytrauma, management of open fractures, and best practices in geriatric hip fractures.

AO Trauma faculty can already access the AO Grand Rounds Dashboard and register to organize one of these four in-hospital training modules for their junior orthopedic trauma surgeons, residents, and general trauma surgeons.

In addition to the four modules launched so far, the education product ultimately will include modules covering other topics such as intraoperative anatomy (proximal femur and distal radius), augmentation, intramedullary nailing, 3D imaging, infection, fracture basics, instrumentation, and soft-tissue management.

Details of community product naming campaign

AO Trauma will release additional details as the community product naming campaign progresses; meanwhile, here’s an overview of how the AO Trauma community engagement and rewards initiative will roll out:

Campaign period: June 20–July 31, 2022
Rewards: Rewards at each stage of the campaign.

Stage 1: Submit your suggestions

During the opening phase, now underway, the whole AO Trauma community is invited to submit suggestions for a new name for AO Grand Rounds.

Provide your suggestions via contest widget below, and AO Trauma will randomly draw from the pool of suggestions one contestant from each of its five regions. Each of these five contestants will receive a voucher for the AO course of his/her choice in the respective region.

Stage 2: Making the shortlist

Once AO Trauma has collected and internally reviewed all submissions, a final short list of proposed new names for AO Grand Rounds will be selected. As in stage 1, submitters whose name proposals make the cut will be awarded a voucher for the AO Trauma course of their choice in the respective region.

If an identical shortlisted name is submitted by multiple contest participants, AO Trauma will randomly select one winner for each shortlisted name from the pool of contestants who submitted the identical shortlisted name.


Stage 3: the final vote

AO Trauma will invite all its community members to vote for their favorite short-listed name proposals. The winning name, naturally, will be the entry that receives the most votes from the AO Trauma community.

The grand prize recipient, picked at random from all entries received from stage three of the community product naming contest, will be awarded an economy flight and hotel accommodation to attend the course of his/her choice at the AO Davos Courses 2022, December 4–16, in Davos, Switzerland.

The course vouchers given as rewards during the contest to winners are transferrable, so winners are free to give them as gifts to colleagues or friends.

Submit your name ideas today via the contest widget above, for your chance to be part of AO Trauma milestone—and possibly win a place at an AO course in your region or in Davos.