AO In-Hospital delivers 50 events globally by June 30, 2024

AO In-Hospital, launched just two years ago, continues to grow, delivering 50 events in 17 countries in the first half of 2024. AO In-Hospital offers a collection of trusted, high-quality educational modules exclusively accessible for AO faculty, enabling them to provide excellent training for their hospital teams. The modules are available online and free of charge.

Customized content for diverse needs

AO In-Hospital offers customizable content, such as didactic lectures, interactive case discussions and optional practical exercises, designed to meet the specific needs of different hospital teams, helping residents, young orthopedic and general trauma surgeons, and other health care professionals to stay updated and enhance their knowledge. The significant uptake of AO In-Hospital highlights the global demand for high-quality, accessible workplace education.

Regional highlights

  • AO Trauma Middle East and Northern Africa (AO TMENA): 18 events in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.
  • AO Trauma Latin America (AO TLA): 15 events in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico.
  • AO Trauma Asia Pacific (AO TAP): 10 events in China, India, and Malaysia.
  • AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (AO TESA): 6 events in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • AO Trauma North America (AO TNA): 1 event in the United States.

A seamless educational platform

AO Trauma International Board Chairperson Wa’el Taha emphasized that AO In-Hospital offers a range of resources through an easy-to-use online platform. Besides access to the modules, it provides event registration, participant management, automated pre-and post-event assessments and certificates of attendance.

“We identified a need to provide education to all levels of people in practice,“ Taha explained. “We thought the best place to tackle this need would be at the hospital level because there you can teach a large group of residents who may not have immediate access to AO courses.”

Taha added that in addition to residents, AO In-Hospital modules provide key insights to inform the decision-making of junior orthopedic trauma surgeons and general trauma surgeons in their hospitals.

For more information on AO In-Hospital, please watch the video.

The essence of health care

AO In-Hospital modules facilitate workplace education and encourage communication among health care professionals within hospitals, fostering a safer environment through exchange of ideas.

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