Meet the re-elected officers of the AO Trauma Latin America Board

Election results

Following the elections held last November 2023, the AO Trauma Latin America Board is pleased to announce the re-election for the positions of Education Officer and Community Development Officer.

The candidacies were examined by the Nomination Committee, formed by Jorge Barla, Rodrigo Pesantez and Vincenzo Giordano. The entire election process was ratified by the committee and was conducted according to the criteria and requirements of the Template of Governance.

Over the next 3 years, they will work in their respective roles to advance AO Trauma as the premier knowledge provider and promote excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

The officers and their vision:

Miguel Zublin, from Argentina, will remain as Community Development Officer. His second term will run from July 2024 to June 2027. He is a surgeon who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, in orthopedics and traumatology. He is currently a surgeon at the Argentine Federal Police Hospital Churruca-Visca; he is the head of Trauma and Reconstruction Section of this hospital. He is also a member of the AO Assembly of Trustees and former AO Trauma Argentina chairperson.


“I would like to thank all the members who have given me the opportunity to continue with their support and generosity. I believe that the Region, as well as all the members and faculty of AO Trauma in each country, have shown an enormous capacity for work and commitment over the past few years. Above all, there has been a great spirit of cooperation and friendship that stands out from other regions. We still have a lot of work to do, and I intend to be a channel for suggestions for improvement. Thank you all very much. I send you warm greetings.”

Miguel Zublin

Paulo Barbosa, from Brazil, will remain as Education Officer. His second term will run from July 2024 to June 2027. He is a surgeon who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora in Minas Gerais, Brazil. He is currently an orthopedic and trauma surgeon at the INAMPS Hospital in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at the Campbell Clinic, University of Tennessee, Memphis, USA. He also coordinates the Trauma Service at the Hospital Quinta D'or in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

P Barbosa

“During the first term, we created several projects, and the success and positive results motivate me to continue improving them in a new term. I would like to work actively to maintain the high level of educational activities offered in our region and to help improve the presence of participants and faculty at our activities. It is important to innovate on new technologies, new formats of education, to integrate the region within the AO scope, to provide better care through better education.”

Paulo Barbosa

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the election.