Trauma fellowships 2024

Immersive experiences available at AO partner institutions via fellowship, preceptorship, and visiting professorship opportunities

Long-term Fellowship Program

A transparent, long-term fellowship program for an institution supervised and monitored by a Fellowship Committee of surgeons with expertise in the area of postgraduate education

Henry Hanff Fellowship Award

A four, six, or eight week fellowship in a North American or European AO Trauma clinic, this award supports a practicing North America surgeon.


Jack McDaniel Memorial Fellowship

A one to three month fellowship in a European trauma clinic, this award supports a practicing North America resident or fellow in the area of orthopedic trauma.

John Border Memorial Fellowship

A one to three month fellowship in a European trauma clinic, this award supports a practicing North America resident or fellow for exceptional interest in the area of orthopedic trauma with an emphasis on polytrauma.

Martin Allgöwer Memorial Fellowship

A one to six month fellowship in an AO trauma clinic in Europe, this award supports a practicing North America surgeon for exceptional interest in the area of orthopedic trauma and promotes the sharing of ideas and techniques between North American and European clinical practitioners.

AO Trauma International Short-term Fellowships

The AO Trauma 6-12 week Fellowship provides orthopedic and general surgeons with additional experience applying AO techniques. The purpose is to familiarize the fellows with indications, planning, techniques and pitfalls of osteosynthesis.

AO Trauma North America Basic Fracture Management Preceptorship

Preceptorship providing a senior level resident one-on-one training with a practicing traumatologist (preceptor) at an AO North America center or with a member of AO NA in basic fracture management.

AO Trauma North America Trauma and Fracture Care Preceptorship

Preceptorship providing a practicing North American certified orthopedic surgeon with training to improve or refine their skills in fracture care at an approved AO Center or with an AO NA member.

AO Trauma North America
Visiting Professor Program

This program provides financial support for North American hospitals to invite an AO Trauma faculty member (from North America or Europe) as a Visiting Professor to share their expertise in the treatment of orthopedic trauma.


Visiting professor and applicant representing the North American hospital must be members of AO Trauma.


The funding includes transportation, hotel, meal expenses, and a $500 honorarium for the visiting professor. The maximum total grant for a visiting professor from North America or a visiting professor traveling to a North America Center from abroad is $3,000.

It is requested that the visiting professor submit original receipts either to the institution he or she is visiting (for transmittal to AO NA) or to the AO NA office for reimbursement. The $500 honorarium will be automatically added to the reimbursement check.

Note: AO North America will not support the expenses of an AO visiting professor invited to lecture at a regularly scheduled society meeting, symposium, or instructional course. Only a pre-approved visit to a specific institution can be considered for funding support. One Visiting Professor Grant is awarded per site, per year.

How to apply

The visiting professorship is typically one or two days using any format of training, such as lectures, workshops, discussions, or a combination of the above. The visiting professorship is available to any hospital with surgical services in North America. AO North America will fund a maximum of one visiting professor at a specific host institution per calendar year. Interested host institutions should submit:

  • Completed application
  • Detailed outline of desired professorship including objectives, goals, educational format, and applicable program
  • Letter of support from the inviting surgeon to the visiting professor on letterhead
  • Letter from the AO visiting professor confirming willingness to participate and agreeing with the proposed educational program on letterhead

A valid AO user ID is required to login and apply.

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