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A wide range of opportunities

There are many ways to contribute to AO North America beyond teaching at live events and we encourage orthopedic surgeons of all professional and experience levels to get involved. 

Volunteer activities are split into five main categories.

  • Education
  • Research
  • Community
  • Professional growth
  • Fellowship and outreach

Currently, these activities are only available to those in the Trauma division. Expansion to other divisions is currently underway.

Why get involved

  • Increase your surgical expertise and technical know-how within your area of specialty and practice
  • Expand your network of peers and collaborate to solve practice-specific problems and advance your career
  • Enhance your personal and professional leadership skills through coaching and mentoring opportunities or seek opportunities to get coached or be a mentee

Use the button below to access our engagement form. Here you will provide some basic background information and select areas of interest.

Engagement form will reopen in 2023. Thank you for your patience.

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