AO North America is a non-profit corporation, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

AO NA Board of Directors

AO North America is governed by a Board of Directors. President and chair serve for three years, members serve for four years.

AO NA Executive Council (EC)

The Executive Council ensures coordinated execution of AO NA initiatives. The Executive Council consists of the President, Chair of each clinical division board, Chair of the Education Advisory Board, and the Chair of the Board of Directors.

AO NA Education Advisory Board (EAB)

The EAB is a committee that is responsible for oversight of AO NA education, reporting to the Board of Directors. The EAB provides direction and guidance to the education committees of each clinical division and serves as the advisory entity for all educational matters including accreditation and compliance. The EAB establishes the strategic direction for AO NA education and the milestones for its implementation through clinical division education committees. The EAB may develop policies, procedures, and guidelines as necessary.

AO NA Ethics and Content Validation Subcommittee (ECVSC)

The ECVSC is a subcommittee under the Education Advisory Board. The ECVSC is responsible for ensuring all educational activities meet the criteria for accreditation and content is objective, fair, balanced, based on best available evidence, and without commercial bias or influence. The ECVSC serves as a resource to AO NA leadership, committees, faculty, and staff on regulatory issues, compliance or policy issues.

AO NA Community Boards

The AO NA Clinical Division Boards govern their respective clinical divisions, reporting to the AO NA Board of Directors. Each clinical division is focused on specific clinical specialties (orthopaedic trauma, craniomaxillofacial, spine, and veterinary). The clinical divisions consist of chairs of specific committees, focusing on various activities that support surgeon education, research, fellowship, community development, and other programs. The clinical division boards and their committees are also closely attached to AO Foundation international clinical divisions.

AO CMF North America Board

AO Spine North America Board

AO Trauma North America Board

AO VET North America Board

Bylaws of AO North America, Inc.