Chair Education Program 2021

Sessions occurring June, September, and October 2021
  • Description

    This invitation-only program is designed to help you prepare for success as faculty and consists of: 

    Online preparations—five weeks prior to the face-to-face event

    Preparations begin with self-assessment and progress to online self-study and discussion. Course topics include chairperson role and tasks, addressing learners’ gaps, and faculty management. Interaction is encouraged via the online forums.

    Face-to-face event (one and a half days)

    This event is based on interactive sessions. Beginning with early communication and pre-course activities, all participants receive detailed feedback on their course planning from the group and the faculty/educator.

    Online follow-up

    After the face-to-face event self-assessment is initiated and participants are being encouraged to contribute to the ongoing online discussion.

  • Learning objectives
    Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to
    Apply best practices in education including adult learning principles in the design, development and implementation of AO educational design
    Design, develop and modify educational activities using the backward planning process
    Select appropriate competencies and content from template of an education event that have a competency- based curriculum
    Based on the learners' needs, develop competencies and content that promote high-quality learning for education events without an existing competency-based curriculum
    Select different teaching methods based on their relative objectives and sequence them appropriately
    Use assessment data to adjust the program based on learners' needs
    Appropriately assign faculty based on expertise, experience and principles of effective teaching
    Manage faculty including early communication as part of the pre-course activities and regular faculty meetings throughout the educational event
    Conduct evaluation of identified competencies, analyze the results and share the findings with relevant stakeholders to enhance educational objectives
  • Prerequisites

    Participant must

    • Hold a current clinical division membership
    • Be an approved clinical division faculty member
    • Have completed the Faculty Education Program (FEP)
    • Be assigned to chair an AO educational event and/or hold a governance position
  • Who should attend

    AO North America faculty who have been assigned to chair an education event and/or hold a governance position.

    This event is invitation only. For more information, contact us at

  • Location and time


    Date and time

    • June 2021
    • September 2021
    • October 2021

Course Chair

Mark C. Reilly, MD

Rutgers - New Jersey Medical School


Chitra Subramaniam, PhD

Chief Learning and Strategy Officer, AO North America