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Lectures support the delivery of principles, factual knowledge and foundational elements.

Small group discussions and skills labs build upon these principles and provide opportunities to apply them to real world context and scenarios.

Small group discussions

Small Group Discussions (SGD) are one of the most powerful formats that facilitate critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving using evidence-based techniques.

Cases discussed are chosen by clinical experts based on the needs of the learner and relevance to their practice and challenges they face daily.

Practical skills labs

The AO uses bone models to teach practical skills, refining the learning process in a way that enables the learner to obtain surgical skills over the years based on feedback and evaluations.

Dry bone models are used in principles courses as well as fellows, specialty-specific, and masters-level courses; cadaveric sessions facilitate acquisition of skills. These labs also allow for engaging interactions between learners and faculty, facilitating the translation of knowledge to practice.

Online learning

The COVID-19 pandemic created the necessary opportunities for AO NA to establish its digital footprint.

Reaching over 30,000 learners in our recent online sessions delivered via Zoom™, AO NA’s digital footprint continues to grow every day. Join us to explore AO NA’s digital assets and online experiences.

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