2021-22 AO Spine NA Fellows

Congratulations to the AO Spine North America fellows who participated in 2021-22 fellowships
Institution Names(s)
Augusta University Gilberto Gomez, DO

Cleveland Clinic

Vikas Parmar, MD
Allen Ho, MD
Kevin Huang, MD
James Showery, MD
John Wanner, MD
John Mangan, MD

Hospital for Special Surgery

Mitchell Fourman, MD
Jose Manuel Sarmiento, MD
Keith Lyons, MD
Francis Lovecchio, MD

Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Brian Hwang, MD
Daniel Lubelski, MD
Yike Jin, MD

Mayo Clinic

Sonal Sodha, MD
Erick Kazarian, MD

McGill University

Miltiadis Georgiopoulos, MD
Rakan Bokhari, MD
Saleh AlFaisali, MD

Mount Sinai

Jeffrey Goldstein, MD
Ifeanyi Nzegwu, MD


Lamar "Fielding" Callaway, MD
Bradley Saitta, MD
Rush University - Neuro Andrew Platt, MD
Murray Echt, MD

Toronto Western Hospital

James Wu, MD
Nader Hejrati, MD
Nasser Alenezi, MD
Karlo Pedro, MD
Ohad Einav, MD

University of Alabama Birmingham

Jacob Lepard, MD

University of British Columbia

Lukas Grassner, MD
Nizar Algarni, MD
Mathieu Laflamme, MD
Anick Nater, MD

University of Calgary

Lukas Burger, MD
Richard Cowley, MD
Matt Coyle, MD
Osama Aldahamsheh, MD

University of California Davis

Hari Mitra, MD
Kendrick Khoo, MD

University of California San Francisco - Ortho

Amir Goodarzi Babhadi, MD
Ravi Srinivas, MD
Ali M. Maziad, MD

University of Maryland

Vache Hambardzumyan, MD
John Renehan, MD
Manaf H.S. Younis, MD

University of Missouri

Robyn Daiber, DO

University of Rochester

Andrew Megas, DO

University of Southern California 

Mohsin Fidai, MD
Douglas Hollern, MD

University of Utah

Justin Stull, MD
Sree Nandyala, MD

University of Virginia

Elias Elias, MD

University of Washington

Andrew Bachinskas, MD
Mark Hsiao, MD
Jonathan Seavey, MD
Institution Names(s)

Washington University

Scott Nimmons, MD
Shyam Patel, MD
Bryan Rynearson, MD

Weill Cornell Medical Center

Rodrigo Navarro-Ramirez, MD
Fabian Sommer, MD
Pravesh S. Gadjradj, MD
Ibrahim Hussain, MD
Francois Waterkeyn, MD

West Virginia University

Graysen Petersen-Fitts, MD

Emory University

Michael Eby, MD
Julian Lugo-Pico, MD
Cody Tillinghast, MD
Steven Wahlmeier, MD

San Diego Spine Foundation

Micah Blais, MD
Kody Barrett, MD

University of California San Francisco - Neuro

Nitin Agarwal, MD
Saman Shabani, MD

University of Montréal

Matias Pereira Duarte, MD
Mohammad Alsofyani, MD
Salomon David Florez-Jimenez, MD

Columbia University

William Clifton, MD
Kevin Kwan, MD
Paul Park, MD
Varun Puvanesarajah, MD
Bruno Lazaro, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital

New York University

Lorenzo Deveza, MD
Michael Dinizo, MD
Abdul Arain, MD
Khalid Odeh, MD
Patrick Lim, MD

North Shore University Hospital

Rafael De La Garza, MD
Ross Green, MD

Northwestern University

Jeffrey Lamping, MD

Rush University - Ortho

Gideon Blumstein, MD
Alexander Butler, MD
Wylie Lopez, MD

Swedish Neurosciences

Jared Cooke, DO
Yevgeniy Freyvert, MD
Nathan Pratt, MD
Jerry Robinson, MD
Zac Tataryn, MD
Jonathan Plumer, MD

Thomas Jefferson University 

John Wainwright, MD
Victor Sabourin, MD
Anthony Stefanelli, MD

University of Pittsburgh

Christopher Kowalski, MD
Steven Joseph De Groot, MD

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