AO Trauma NA Basic Fracture Management Preceptorship

Preceptorship providing a senior level resident one-on-one training with a practicing traumatologist (preceptor) at an AO North America center or with a member of AO NA in basic fracture management. 

Prerequisites & eligibility

This preceptorship provides an individual with in-depth study for improved general fracture care. A given center is only eligible for one Senior Resident Rotation Preceptorship per year and the applicant must meet these requirements:

  • Formal approval from the applicant's residency director and the host-training program
  • Both applicant and Preceptor must be members of AO Trauma

Note: This program is not intended to fund a set rotation for a residency program.


The preceptorship will typically provide a total of $3,000 for accommodations and living expenses during the rotation. When completing the application, please be sure to indicate how (to whom) the check should be endorsed.

How to apply

Applicant will contact an approved faculty member of AO North America and provide the following information:

  • Reasons for requesting the preceptorship
  • Expectations of the training
  • Plans to organize the preceptorship

This information must then be reviewed and signed by the preceptor and submitted to AO NA for final approval.

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