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ARONJ: Anti-osteoclastic drugs and their impact on maxillofacial and orthopedic bone biology, disease, diagnosis, surgery, and treatment modalities

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Bone regeneration using tissue engineering and CAD-CAM technology: Their impact on facial bone reconstruction

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TMJ subcondylar and adjacent bone and cartilage: deformities, defects, injuries and disorders

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Translational approaches for bone constructs: their impact on facial bone reconstruction

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AO CMF Start-up grants

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How does the research peer review process work?

The AO Research Review Commission reviews all grant applications submitted to the AO Foundation and its funding bodies. 

Peer review is carried out by a pool of independent external reviewers who are selected on the basis of their expertise to conduct the reviews. All proposals submitted to a call are treated equally. They are evaluated impartially on their merits, irrespective of their origin or identity of the applicants. All proposals and related documents communicated to the AO Foundation are treated in confidence. Based on the project abstract, each reviewer must confirm that he/she concurs with the AO Foundation's Code of Ethics

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