AO CMF Community

Listen to the voices of AO CMF

Turning a New Page—The Rebirth of the CMTR Journal

Sat Parmar and Srinivas Susarla talk about their experiences developing and producing the new CMTR journal and what it provides to the CMF community

An Artist in the OR—Surgery Seen as an Artform

An interview with Damir Matic and his passion for art

AO CMF Study Clubs

Amir Elbarbary and Mohamed Abdelazeem talk about the AO CMF Study Clubs and how they have been a huge success, connecting members around the world

'It Runs in the Family' with Daniel and Zach Buchbinder

An interview about role models and how the medical profession is an integral part of some families. 

Education in the Times of COVID-19

Sabine Girod and Marcelo Figari talk about how they have responded to the pandemic by developing new educational events and activities

AO Icons - Paul Manson and Michael Grant

In this episode we bring together mentor Paul Manson and mentee Michael Grant for a special reunion

Printing the future with Florian Thieringer

AO TV's Laura Leivo met with Florian Thieringer to hear about the latest developments in his work on 3-D printing and get a tour of his lab

The Book Every CMF Surgeon Needs

An interview with Joachim Prein about the new book from AO CMF, 'Advanced Craniomaxillofacial Surgery - Tumor, Corrective Bone Surgery and Trauma'

AO CMF Fellowship during a pandemic

Despite the global pandemic, AO CMF has continued to offer fellowships. An interview with Rory O'Connor about his experiences

Cut to the beat

An interview with Daniel Buchbinder and Stefano Fusetti about music in the OR

New frontiers in AO CMF Community Development

An interview with Sabine Girod, Chair of AO CMF Community Development Commission

The Future of the Craniomaxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction Journal

An interview with Rui Fernandes, Editor in Chief of the CMTR Journal

Discovering the Faculty Development Pathway

An interview with Stefano Fusetti about how you can become an AO CMF faculty and what are the development opportunities tailored to you

The future of 3D Technologies in Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

An interview with Florian Thieringer, University Hospital Basel

How did I get here?

An interview with Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto, Chair of the AO CMF International Board, about his journey in the world of AO

Getting excited about research

An interview with Vinay Kumar, talking about the importance of research in the life of any surgeon and his experience with AO

How to become a better surgeon

Listen to Warren Schubert, former Chair of AO CMF talking about why he chose to join AO CMF at the beginning of his career.

In the AO, there are no limits

Hear Muriel Brix talk about women in surgery and equal opportunities in the AO Foundation.

Why continued professional education is important

Hear what Damir Matic and Francis Roasa have to say about continued professional education within AO CMF.

The value of AO CMF membership

Hear Daniel Buchbinder's thoughts as a senior member on what AO CMF has to offer young surgeons.

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