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The AO CMF Global Study Club offers online events every month with a wide range of faculty speakers, covering a variety of craniomaxillofacial surgical topics. You'll have the opportunity to learn from the best and take your professional skills to the next level. And with our 2023 Study Club events based around six themes, with a global cross-clinical panel session in closing, you'll have access to the latest information and techniques in your field, as well as the chance to learn from other clinical specialties.

Study Club themes in 2023:

  • March: Oral- and CMF imaging
  • March/April: Aesthetic surgery and techniques
  • May: Management of facial soft tissues
  • June/July: Reconstructive surgery
  • September: Graft Master
  • October:  Alloplastics vs. Transplant

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March/April: Aesthetic Surgery & Techniques

Diego Rodríguez

Preservation and ultrasonic rhinoplasty

Speaker: Diego Rodríguez (Chile)

Moderators: Gerardo Fernandez (Mexico), Ana Catalina Tobón (Colombia) , Jorge Agurto (Ecuador)

Date: March 30, 2023, 18:00-19:00 (COT)

Language: Spanish

Further scheduled in 2023

March/April: Aesthetic Surgery & Techniques

  • April 20: Current concepts in facial feminization surgery (FFS)
  • April 27: Fillers & Botox

May: Management of Facial soft tissues

  • May 11: Eyelid & periobital soft tissue
  • May 18: Aural atresia & microtia

 June/July: Reconstructive surgery

  • June 1: Regional Facial Flaps
  • June 15:  Non-vascularized reconstruction
  • June 29: Patient centered post ablative reconstruction in H&N
  • July 6: Soft tissue management in GSW
  • July 13: CN V & VII injuries (incl facial nerve palsy)

September: Graft Master

  • September 7: Bioprinting – where are we now?
  • September 14: Bone grafts for mandibular reconstruction & augmentation
  • September 21: Bone grafting for dental implants in the aesthetic area

October: Alloplastics vs. Transplant

  • October 5: Craniofacial implants
  • October 12: TMJ replacement – Distraction vs. TPR vs. Autologous
  • October 19: Anaplastology in the face – what the surgeon needs to know
  • October 29: Facial transplant

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