CTRead—facial bones

Learn to interpret facial bone computed tomography correctly with the free online course


CTRead is a formal web-based training module that instructs residents in the interpretation of a computed tomography (CT) facial bone scan in a logical, stepwise manner to locate and identify all relevant facial fractures.

A study has shown that completing the CTRead training modules improves residents' competency in the interpretation of CT facial bone scans and their correct identification of the facial fractures.

CTRead is free to registered users. If you have already registered to CTRead, log in to your AO profile, and you will find a link to the course landing page on your dashboard.

CTRead was developed by Wendall Mascarenhas to fill a gap in oral and maxillofacial surgery training programs globally. The partnership with the AO Foundation provides ubiquitous and free access to the tool and enhances OMFS training and education globally.

Every one-year resident should be able complete the course. CTRead has already trained more than 3800 residents and has an overall satisfaction rate of 95.6%.

What is included

CTRead covers the basics of CT scans and how to view them. Residents will learn about axial, sagittal, and coronal views, as well as the different “windows” that can be applied to the scans, such as bone or soft tissue.

The following modules focus on fractures and anatomy of individual facial structures: the mandible, the maxilla, the nasal bones, the orbit, the nasoorbitoethmoidal complex (NOE), the zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC), the frontal sinus, and finally, putting it all together and pan-facial fractures. CT scans of each area are covered in all three views with examples of fractures.
There is also an opportunity to scroll through and analyze several CT scans for practice and a certificate upon completion of the course.

Dr Macarenhas

“This training is invaluable to taking call at the beginning of residency, and the avoidance of missing fractures or misdiagnosing others.”

Wendall Mascarenhas

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CTRead—a revolutionary approach

A study confirms the effectiveness of CTRead in training residents in computed tomography facial bone interpretation.