Henry Hanff Fellowship Award

A short-term AO North America-sponsored fellowship in a North American or European trauma clinic.

Application currently closed
Henry Hanff is a long-time AO North America trauma faculty member. He has had an opportunity to teach the AO Principles extensively in North American and Western Europe. This fellowship was created so that other trauma surgeons would have an opportunity to travel and work directly with a particular AO professor.

Prerequisites & eligibility

This fellowship is offered to practicing North American trauma surgeons who have been in practice for some time or are early in their private practice. Must be a subscribing member of AO Trauma and have completed the following:

  • Graduation from an orthopedic or general surgery residency program
  • Previous participation in a Basic AO Trauma North America Course and an Advanced or Specialty AO Trauma North America Course
  • Practical experience with AO techniques

Applicants may only apply to one Named Fellowship per application cycle.

Funding & deliverables

This fellowship may last four, six, or eight weeks. The award consists of round-trip airfare expenses (up to $1,500) for standard coach fare to the fellowship site and a stipend to cover meals, lodging, and incidentals. AO Trauma Fellowship stipends are calculated using a benchmark of $550 USD for one week's fellowship. The fellowship award does not exceed $5,900 and support for family members is not included.

At the end of the fellowship, a report must be submitted providing a summary on the fellowship experience. This report will be reviewed by the AO Trauma North America Fellowship Committee and adapted into an article for publication in the AO Trauma North America newsletter.


How to apply

A complete application will consist of:

  • Completed application form
  • Letter of reference from the applicant's Program Director
  • Letter of reference from an appropriate sponsor (who can also be the Chief of Trauma)
  • Curriculum vitae (see below)

Curriculum vitae must include a brief autobiography and a proposal for the candidate's fellowship in the form of what they plan to do (i.e., research, gain certain clinical skills, where the candidate would like to work and with whom, how they plan on using this special training).


Application currently closed

Past recipients


  • 2022: Christian Pean, Boston, MA
  • 2020: Stephen Shymon, Newark, NJ
  • 2019: Gabrielle Paci, Burlington, MA
  • 2017: Karl Siebuhr, San Francisco, CA
  • 2013: Moustafa Adakak, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • 2012: Jack Dawson, Houston, TX
  • 2011: Christopher Perkins, Houston, TX
  • 2010: Matthew Schramski, Troy, MI

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