Welcoming the new AO Spine Hungarian Council Chairperson Márton Rónai


AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa (AO SESA) is proud to welcome Márton Rónai as the new AO Spine Hungarian Council chairperson. Rónai was elected based on the votes cast from all AO members in Hungary, and the results have been approved by the AO Spine Nomination Committee (Nom Com).

Márton Rónai commenced his three-year term on January 1, 2023. The spine surgeon from Budapest, Hungary, will step down as the orthopedics officer in the AO Spine Hungarian Council, and this position is open for nominations.

AO Spine thanks the previous chairperson Áron Lazáry for his valued commitment to strengthening the region. He will continue to be active on the AO Spine Europe and Southern Africa Board as the regional research officer.

Join us in giving Márton Rónai a warm welcome and wishing him all the best for his new position.

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Marton Ronai

“As a spine surgeon my goal has always been to be up to date with the latest theoretical knowledge and the manual capability in all fields of this discipline. As one of the biggest international professional communities, AO Spine provides opportunities for interested spine surgeons all over the world at any level of training. My thinking is totally in line with the philosophy of AO Spine. It is not only our dream, but also our duty, to develop spine care around us.”

Márton Rónai