FacultyFocus AO VET

Mark Glyde

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the first 2022 edition of FacultyFocus, the newsletter featuring information specially selected for you as AO VET faculty.

This issue features articles about our transition to using of locking compression plates in AO VET courses and the first meeting of regional course chairpersons. Both of these undertakings are aligned with our continuous effort to improve AO VET education.

You also won’t want to miss the latest news from AO Access—the AO’s diversity, inclusion, and mentorship initiative—including the successful pilot and upcoming launch of its mentorship program, as well as the newly appointed AO Access Liaisons who will play an important ambassadorial role.

Also in this edition, you will get the latest AO Education Institute news, including new educational research publications and the 10 tips for blended learning.

We hope you will enjoy this edition of FacultyFocus. As always, we value your feedback and ideas for future content, so do not hesitate to get in touch with our content team at tobias.hoevekamp@aofoundation.org.

Mark Glyde

Chairperson, AO VET Education Commission