FacultyFocus AO VET

Mark Glyde

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the first 2023 edition of FacultyFocus, our newsletter featuring information curated especially for you as AO VET faculty.

In this edition, you will learn about the significant headway our clinical division is making with diversity, inclusion, and mentorship. I am proud to share that we have made considerable progress in improving faculty diversity at the local, regional, and international levels, and we continue to fine-tune our policies to ensure transparency and enhance opportunities for more diverse representation.

Additionally, we invite you to learn about the AO Approved Solutions website, presented by the AO Technical Commission as an easy-to-use informational tool for you as faculty. With this online tool, you are just a click away from a trove of information about AO Approved Solutions—materials and technologies that have been approved for use in AO educational events.

Moreover, you can explore a variety of education-related news from across the AO, including articles on:

  • How the AO Access Mentorship Program supports the development of nonclinical competences
  • Pre-event assessment and post-event evaluation to help to deliver best-quality education
  • The importance of transformative leadership and the wealth of free, easy-to-use self-education resources made available by AO Access
  • The Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma (JOT) February 2023 supplement, which takes a deep dive into the lessons learned and the discoveries made by the AO in education delivery during the pandemic
  • 10 tips for in-hospital education

Enjoy reading this very engaging edition of FacultyFocus!

Best regards,

Mark Glyde

Chairperson, AO VET Education Commission