Global Spine Diploma

Advance your career with AO Spine's Global Spine Diploma Program and Global Spine Diploma Exam!

The Global Spine Diploma (GSD) is developed for spine surgeons who wish to build, empower, and certify their knowledge at an international level. With the Global Spine Diploma, you will have access to a network of spine professionals around the world and can benefit from the experience and support of global leaders in spine surgery.

The Global Spine Diploma is developed for various stages of careers and can be achieved through the following pathways:

  • GSD Program for recently graduated spinal orthopedic or neurosurgeons
  • GSD Exam for experienced spine surgeons

Are you a recently graduated spinal orthopedic or neurosurgeon?
The Global Spine Diploma Program offers:


Global Diploma

Continue to build your knowledge and skills with the AO's Global Spine Diploma Training Program. The 12-month online program is based on five interactive modules and covers trauma, cervical degeneration, infection, deformity, oncology, arthrosis, osteoporosis, and lumbar degeneration. The program is CME accredited by UEMS-EACCME®.

This is the ultimate, systematic spine surgery training pathway for spine experts and leads to the internationally recognized Global Spine Diploma.

Do you already have five or more years of experience as a spine surgeon?
The Global Spine Diploma Exam offers:


Global Diploma

The AO Spine Global Spine Diploma Exam is the only formal assessment of its kind and demonstrates to your patients, employers, and colleagues that you possess the level of knowledge expected of a specialist spine surgeon after five years of practical experience and the competencies needed to manage patients with spinal disorders.

You can take the Global Spine Diploma Mock Exam to test if you are ready to take the diploma exam. It will reveal potential knowledge gaps and the areas where you would most benefit from selected training program modules or individual courses.

Why should you join?

Certify your knowledge internationally

Cover all spine pathologies based on the AO Spine Curriculum

Fill knowledge gaps

Benefit from the experience and support of global leaders

For various stages of your career

Global Spine Diploma Steering Committee

Richard Bransford

Richard Bransford

Global Spine Diploma Steering Committee Chair

Atiq Uz-Zaman

Atiq Uz Zaman

Global Spine Diploma Program Chair

Mohammad El-Sharkawi

Global Spine Diploma Exam Chair

Asdrubal Falavigna

AO Spine International Board Chair

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