New AO Spine Knowledge Forum Steering Committee members take the stage

KF members
We are delighted to welcome seven new members to the AO Spine Knowledge Forums (KF) Steering Committees! Join us in congratulating Christopher Ames, Eric Klineberg, and So Kato for KF Deformity, Andrei Joaquim for KF Trauma, and Daniel Riew, Christopher Martin, and Gianluca Vadala for KF Degenerative. They will attend their first in-person meetings in the new roles at the Global Spine Congress 2024 in Bangkok in May.

The AO Spine KFs are expert-driven global clinical study groups generating and disseminating knowledge.  The pathology focused research groups were founded more than a decade ago by Luiz Vialle following his vision that ‘knowledge equals power’. The KFs generate clinical evidence for clinical decision-making and improving patient care. They produce classifications, outcome instruments, guidelines with treatment recommendations, as well as other tools that can be directly used in education and in daily clinical practice.

Today, the KFs comprise of more than 220 active members from over 30 countries and conduct more than 50 studies with direct clinical application, and with an increasingly strong focus on translating the new knowledge into practice.

Each KF is led by a Steering Committee comprised of up to ten internationally-recognized pathology-specific experts and supported by 30+ members. They are selected based on their research expertise, clinical involvement, and caseload. They meet to discuss research, identify the global clinical need, then formulate and execute clinical studies to advance their field of spine expertise.

New focus on spinal infections

The KFs are constantly evolving to find new ways to address knowledge gaps. Most recently, the KFs introduced a focused approach to primary infections. The area of infections will be covered within the project portfolio of KF Trauma, which will be renamed AO Spine Knowledge Forum Trauma and Infection.

Primary infections are becoming more and more prevalent, which is why the KFs saw a need to focus their research efforts also on this pathology. The KF Trauma and Infection is currently developing and validating a Primary Infection Classification System, led by PIs Gregory Schroeder and Alexander R. Vaccaro.  The group expects to share the classification with the global spine community later this year. They are also working on designing a prospective study on the topic.

Welcome the new KF Steering Committee members:

Ch Ames

Christopher Ames

University of California San Francisco,
San Francisco, CA, USA

A Joaquim

Andrei Fernandes Joaquim

University of Campinas
Campinas, Brazil

So Kato

So Kato

The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

E Klineberg

Eric Klineberg

UT Health Houston
Houston, TX, USA

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Daniel Riew

Daniel Riew

Columbia University Irving Medical Center
New York, NY, USA

Gianluca Vadala

Gianluca Vadala

Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome
Rome, Italy

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